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Why Littile Zainab was Raped ?

7 years old girl named zainab was first kidnapped, then raped and thrown out in a trash

Pakistani Stories News Desk: 

Today on Wednesday 10 of January Pakistan was shocked by the news that  nations daughter Zainab was brutally murdered after rape in kasur.
Every eye shredded in tears after the news that a little soul zainab who was in her age of joy faced the most dark side of our society.
According to our news source zainab’s parents were in saudi arabia to perform umrah when all this happened.In the CCTV footage it can be clearly seen that someone took Zainab with him.
Police is investigating on it and Chief Minister Punjab along with Chief Justice Lahore High court Justice Mansoor Ali Shah have taken notice of it.
We all are willing that culprits of this case will soon be caught and punished accordingly but what we all neglect is that all of this is the result of our social evils.
مٹ جائے گی مخلوق تو انصاف کرو گے
منصف ہو تو حشر اٹھا کیوں نہیں دیتے !
One can’t blame government on that .Yes the government should fulfill it’s responsibility and we demand justice from them but such things will not stop unless we all stood up against such evils of our society.
Condemning is unfruitful unless and until Political parties step up and teach our society to eradicate such evils.
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