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Muhammad Noman Afzal Kakar

Painter and Mountain biker

Muhammad Noman Afzal

Muhammad Noman Afzal Kakar is a 22 years old boy who has achieved many things in a little period of time in the field of Painting, Mountain biking. He’s a enthusiastic adventurer, hiker and athlete. He’s also a content creator and story teller

He was Born in Toba Tek Singh which is not a developed city like Lahore or Faisalabad. He started painting from his early schooling. In the beginning, he used to paint birds and army catalogs as his father was an army officer in Bahrain Force.

The Artful world of Noman

Noman paintingNoman painting


When he went to college, people encouraged him for arts, but art is not given its value in Pakistan. His father encouraged him to join army or getting a good higher education because his father knew that as an artist he has no future in Pakistan. Despite everything he never gave up on his passion and he kept on painting and bringing inspirational artwork to this world. Because of his hard work he was able to get admission in the “FAST NU ISB” (Number 1 university in the field of Computer Science).


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When he joined university, He founded an Art Society (Takhleeq – FAST Society of Arts and Dramatics) in his university with the help of his friends. His society is trying to bring a new change by inspiring people to know about their hidden talents and God gifted qualities . He  also did some amazing exhibitions in the top event of FAST NU “NASCON “.


He participated in many competitions of Painting and won many awards.

Noman Awards Noman Awards



Creativity never stops.

Noman  is also interested in starting a bicycle group which will aware the people about the different bad aspects of Society and will make people to seek for positive energies. He brought revolution in Islamabad by bringing pro level adventurous mountain biking, which is a very big achievement. He was also sponsored by the trusts which will help him for making event successful .He’s a GoPro family member and tells stories through his filmmaking qualities. He created different motivation and nature exploiting films which will tell the true beauty of Pakistan.

BMX group pakistan

Pakistani Stories will encourage him for his bravery. Make Pakistan Great


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