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Islahuddin Siddique

As a captain he won World cup, Champions trophy and Asian games.

Islahuddin Siddique

Islahuddin Siddique is a former hockey player from Pakistan. He born on January 10 1948 in Meerut, India. His Parents later migrated to Pakistan.

Islahuddin Siddique successful hockey career consist of almost 13 years from 1967 to 1978. Islahuddin Siddique played 130 matches and score 137 goals. After his retirement he became coach of Pakistan hockey team.
Islahuddin Siddique was good in all sports fortunately he chose hockey on his father advise. When he started his career he was just 19 at that time. His most important ability is to lead the team in a great way. Islahuddin Siddique lead(captained) Pakistan Hockey team in 45 matches and amazingly under his captaincy Pakistan Hockey team don’t lose even a single match. Under his captaincy Pakistan Hockey team won 43 matches and two result in a draw. His extraordinary performance can be determined by his impressive medals list which consist of 10 gold 3 silver and 1 bronze medals.

Hockey days Islahuddin Siddique


  • In 1970 Islahuddin Siddique was a gold medalist in Asian Games.
  • In 1971 he won a gold medal in first World cup.
  • In 1972 he won a silver medal in Olympics.
  • In 1976 he won a bronze medal in Olympics.
  • In 1978 he got biggest achievement of his life he continuously won 3 biggest achievements in a year as a captain he won World cup, Champions trophy and Asian games.
  • In 1990 he was appointed as manager and coach of Asian Eleven who won the tournament of 5 continents.

Islahuddin Siddique celebrate

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  • In 1982 he was awarded as Pride of Performance by Pakistan government.
  • In 2010 he was awarded as Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan.


Islahuddin Siddique also worried about current Pakistan Hockey team performance he said

Islahuddin Siddique hockey pakistaniHockey will never die in Pakistan because it has strong roots in our country. It has gone down because of our own mistakes. It can rise again but for that we will need to work hard. It is a sum total of our collective mistakes during the last three decades that we are lagging behind teams against whom we would win at will in the past.


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